Headwear 0/9
Hair 0/4
Eyewear 0/1
Eyes 1/4
Mouth 1/5
Facial Hair 0/1
Extras 0/4
Clothing 0/16
Back 0/1
Background 1/12
Created by Everyday Sloths

Bojangles is a feisty three-fingered sloth. This tough and courageous little sloth has had a remarkable start to life.
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Everyday Sloths
Sloth #1 - Bojangles
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This is a live demo of how your Everyday Sloths will look on OpenSea. It is fully interactive so everyone can view all the items in your sloth's wardrobe. Have a play!

As the owner of the token you'll have complete control of what your sloth is wearing by default, and you'll be able to change that as often as you like via our website for free.

With monthly limited item drops in our exclusive store, you can keep adding to and customising your sloth. Artist and brand collabs, themed collections (think sports, festive, heroes and villains) - the possibilities are endless!